A guitar effect that does not work like a wah pedal. It does, however, work as a continually variable delay pedal. The delay on a flanger is too short to hear as an echo and the rate of delay expands and contracts to set intervals during a set amount of time according to how the operator programs it.

The effect is called "flange" because before the advent of flanger pedals, sound engineers and musicians would press the inside of the thumb (the "flange") onto the tape reel to slow it down and speed it up to achieve the desired effect.
Forget the flanger in anything by Simple Plan; just listen to Thru the Eyes of Ruby by the Smashing Pumpkins!
by Owen the musician February 14, 2006
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Flanger- Another common, sick ass effect on amplifers. It is similar to to ' Wah' Effect or Pedal. This effect changes the sounds played
and shifts it from Treble to Bass to Treble continusly - depending on how much or how long you play-. What the 'Wah' does is that it changes the Bass to Treble -or vice versa, depending where your at- on the press of a pedal, and the flanger takes a little time.
There is slow and fast Flanger, but the Flanger cannot make the ' Wah' sound. With Tremolo, these two effects combinded will rock.
Songs that have Flanger: Blink-182- Obvious - the verse-, Asthenia -when the guitars some in, verse-, Here's you letter -intro-, Feeling This - intro, even percussion have flanger-. Simple Plan- I'd do anything - approx at 2:01, they have both Flanger and Tremolo-
I won't be there - intro-. Black Eyed Peas- Where is the love?
To listen on the ' Wah' listen to the solo in 'Cold' by Crossfade -the electric guitar version-
Luv That Flanger in Simple Plan. You will just luv that effect to. Trust me.
Flanger-Similar to Wah, or just change the Treble and Bass
by Patrick Pham September 20, 2005
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aneurism of the flange
our stacey had a flangerism last week!
by Big Rik! December 21, 2021
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A person that practices flanging ( audio effect that occurs when two identical signals are mixed together, but with one signal time-delayed by a small and gradually changing amount, usually smaller than 20 milliseconds.)
The flanger changed the sound effects in the left coast Insomniac Studio
by mcloon February 4, 2009
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Also known as Redman. The guy who will get mad by over everything and rapes children
Flanger is toxic as hell
by Casenisum November 18, 2021
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Fingering - one inserts fingers into a womans private area
The blonde one off of Hollyoaks "have you experienced flangering"
by Mohamijahad February 20, 2006
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