Where's Bob?
He's over at Sally's treading.
by T. Beavan July 29, 2004
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"what the hells that noise?"
"it's chuffin' craig the fat treader he treads everywhere because of his weight he's a right treading freak as$ joint"
by aboo November 20, 2005
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A dirty, long-haired teenager who listens to heavy metal music and wears black heavy metal t-shirts, ratty sneakers, and jeans.
The Metallica concert was full of pot-smoking treads.
by Geeko September 10, 2004
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a Tire, wheel, tube on a bicycle or a car.
I ran over a piece of glass and now I need a new tread
by Deek da Biker December 9, 2005
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Someone who's best contribution to society would be running on a treadmill to create energy; Retarded people.
by Vic July 22, 2003
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