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The sexiest pants in the Final Fantasy XI virtual-world of Vana D'iel.
Person A: This subligar is 1337Z!!!!!!
Person B: >.>
by Vic January 15, 2005
Also used in most parts of east durham in england, (easington area) it means to snog, or kinda act as if your going out with someone for one night.
'jonny wants to meet ya, so will ya?'
'i met him last week at the disco'
by Vic April 1, 2005
A cheap imitation of Vypre. Nonetheless still respected, it pales in comparison to the one and only
by Vic October 26, 2003
An Australian Band, who's fast rise to fame, due to them being over-hyped as the 'Next Nirvana' by the stupidest magazine ever NME led to their rapid decline in fame, and the unfounded comparation to Kurt resulted to much distrought and animosity by Vines and Nirvana fans alike.
Lead singer Craig Nicholls is known for having the autism spectrum disorder Apsperger's Syndrome which explains his being a prat.
Everyone says The Vines sound like Nirvana, when although they are only mildly influenced (as most bands are) by them. The lyrics and vocals sound nothing alike except for their major Hit 'Get Free' which is similar in structure to 'Negative Creep'. I lizen to da Vines becoz NME tells me wot to do and now NME tells me 2 hate dem so i do, but now coz craggles hav asperger NME want me to write crag letter 4 support even do NME told me to hate dem. NME iz god. it tellz me what i shood hate and like coz i hav no opinion. 111!!!
by Vic February 5, 2005
Rhyming slang for stoned.
Can be shortened to Toblered.
I'm too tobleroned to got out tonight.
I'm too toblered to go out tonight.
by Vic July 17, 2004
I dont want to die= I dont want to go to wal-mart!
by Vic May 23, 2004
1. 41st president of the United States, often referred to as George Bush Sr. or just George Bush. Responsible for the attack against Iraq in 1991.
2. 43rd president of the United States, often referred to as George W. Bush, dubya (W), or Bush Jr.
Responsible for the invasion of Iraq in 2002 that killed tens of thousands of civilians and was allegedly in retaliation for Osama Bin Laden's attack on New York and Washington DC in September 11, 2001.
3. vagina
4. a mediocre rock band of the 90s.
1. Dukaakis could have done a better job than Bush.
2. Bush is a warmongering murderer.
3. Who doesn't like bush?
4. Bush sounds like shit.
by Vic March 25, 2005