Fashion art made from recycled materials.
bullet earrings, fuse earrings, vinyl record cuff bracelet, bicycle chain earings or necklace, etc

Ex: "Trashion is unique and intriguing."
by tess w November 12, 2007
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Trashy fashion; "fashionable" clothes that make the wearer look trashy no matter how much they cost.
Why did he waste $60 on that trucker cap? That look is so over; plus it's trashion.
by Songis February 07, 2007
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Trashion is a type of another type fashion for boys who dress in baggy, expensive clothing. Much like a fuckboy, trashion includes nike socks, snapbacks, sweatpants and etc. Most trashion clothing are usually from expensive, mainstream stores including J. Crew, Abercromie and Fitch, Hollister and etc.

How to spot trashion? Has that boy in your class ever worn really interesting outfits, which include sweatpants and shirts from J. Crew? Has that boy ever worn a really weird combo of outfits, like khakis and socks with nike sandals? Then sorry but that boy is sporting the 'trashion' look.
Sarah: "Wow, Bobby looks so unique today."
Jennifer: "Sarah, Bobby's wearing a huge ass baggy black shirt, with skinny black jeans and white shoes. It's trashion at it's finest."
by phoebe glitz June 28, 2015
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