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This is what some people whose first language isn't English call thrash metal. This is usually because the lack of 'th' in their first language makes them ignore the sound. This isn't the case for everyone though, as some idiots just can't read and end up calling it "trash metal".

This may also be used to refer to metal bands that are just trash in the sense that they should be thrown into the trash can.
Person A: "Megadeth is a good trash metal band."
Person B: "Well, I wouldn't really call them trash..."
Person A: "No, that's their genre. Trash Metal."
Person B: "Oh, you mean Thrash Metal."
by deathwish124 June 09, 2009
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not to be confused with thrash metal or a similar entry trash metal. Trash Metal is equal to that of metal bands that claim to be good but in reality fail terribly at making any and all productions they put out sound even remotely good.

Bands such as Linkin Park, Slipknot, and Korn who are labeled as influential artists and are highly full of themselves, are indeed Trash Metal.

Ironically, artists actually influential to the metal scene such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus and Exhorder are often dismissed as pure fanboy garbage and are labeled as Trash Metal by many nu-metal and alt-metal lovers.
Dude, I picked up the Linkin Park album "Hybrid Thoery", the shit is Trash Metal.

Man, whoever says Exhorder is Trash Metal are complete dipshits.
by Grant_Mac April 27, 2010
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Derivative sub-genre of heavy metal, spear-headed by bands like Slayer and Lamb of God. Very aggressive guitar riffs, concrete-thick bass lines, ultrapresent drums and loud, abdominal-powered vocals mixed together in a fury that wakes the "homo neandertalis" sleeping in you. Lyrics consist mostly of all things unholy and forbidden to man, which is perfect for the musical support.

A quick reference? Hear Tom Araya scream "God hates us all!" at the top of his lungs... this is trash metal.
by Seb T April 12, 2006
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