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Massive tits on a small frame, mostly seen in every anime ever. This is mostly fanservice to people who like to fap to cartoon characters.
I was watching Code Geass the other day and this chick's tits were taking up half the screen. The funny part is she was supposed to be a teenager on the show. I wish that anime tits didn't look so absurd on real girls.
by deathwish124 May 24, 2009
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To take an apple, cut a hole in it, and insert your dick into it and pretend like you're having sex with it.
"I'm gonna go fapple right now."

"Mother, buy me some apples at the market. I need them to fapple."
by deathwish124 September 7, 2009
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This is a meme that I recently started to see around a few sites, but has probably been around for a while.

I found that it's from the intro to a cat hentai game called "Neko Kawai Gari". Needless to say, this intro is very weird, and features what sounds like a young Japanese girl singing a song over pictures of hentai cat girls.

One of the lines in this song is "Do you anger me? I fierce, I scratch yooooou!"
You may praise a tail. You may touch my striped back. Do you anger me? I fierce, I scratch you! Nya Nya, she's a spectacled persian cat.
by deathwish124 May 18, 2009
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Something you can call your Jewish friend/bro.
What's up hebro?
by deathwish124 May 20, 2009
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"The most lol explanation is the truth."

This is from Encyclopedia Dramatica. It means that the funniest, or most "lol worthy", explanation is the truth.
When trying to find out who raped and murdered that girl, remember Heppum's Razor.
by deathwish124 May 13, 2009
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A form of masturbation where you tie a shoelace around your neck and dick. Named after the city of Bangkok, where actor David Carradine attempted this with disastrous results.
Wow, the Hangkok sounded like a great idea before, I mean, tying a shoelace around your neck and dick is just sheer genius and would surely get me off, but after hearing about David Carradine dying from it I'm not so sure anymore...
by deathwish124 June 13, 2009
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When a person, usually male, on the internet changes their listed gender to the opposite one on some website. Some people only do this for attention, but there are others who feel seriously about it and want to begin living on the internet as the opposite sex since they can't do it in real life.
Did you hear about John's internet sex change? He changed his gender on Last FM to 'female' and has been acting like he has always been a woman. Maybe he has been, it's the internet so you can never be completely sure.
by deathwish124 September 2, 2009
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