To be pyscidellicly in tuned with god and produce lucid dreaming and to fall victim of waking up stunned.
#1 dude "Yo man I just ate my whole trap plate"#2 dude "yo you shouldn't eat that bro"
by G swing August 5, 2015
Freeze your log of poop and place each end in the mouth of 2 people while they are asleep then tape their heads together forcing them to wake up deepthroating your log.
"good damn I taped bigK and littleG's heads into a Waiau Throat Trap last night, they depthroated the shit out of my Log".
by Degcrerson March 29, 2019
The feeling of never getting out of bed/sleep.
Room Trap,
The feeling in bed where you never want to leave and just want to sleep forever. Your just so comfy, you don't want to do anything but just be in bed/sleep even when you want to go somewhere, meet with friends, or just got stuff to do.
by Danger-noodle December 20, 2017
To trap or to listen to trap music all day.
My day was rather trapful.
by djveetwentythree April 10, 2015
On the day 8/8 we all trap all people named Dorothy inside of anything,Rooms,Basements,Bathrooms, just anything.
,,Hey! let's trap Dorothy somewhere today! it's national trap a Dorothy day!''
by Evanushka August 8, 2022