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We used to use the term 'Traf Time' as kids, which when spelt backwards is 'Emit Fart', so as to conceal our profane bottom humour from parents & teachers.
"Traf time everyone". At which point we would hold our noses and chuckle knowing of the impending smell that was soon to start making its way around the room.
by FluffySunshine January 20, 2017
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The inverse of a fart, traf is fart spelled backwards. It means to suck air or other substance back up into the anal cavity.
I dropped trou and traffed up the jiz off the floor at the adult bookstore.
by Baesjian January 24, 2011
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The act of absorbing air and other psychedelic and psychotropic substances into one's rectum for delirium, or short-term high effects. Items commonly traffed include silicon pellets, anti-static foam and canned air (also referred to frequently as an "air embolism"(can be fatal)).
Bro, let's traf some pellets to ease the pain!
I'm traffed to shit, dude
I think I'm dying! I traffed too hard.
Let's fart those pellets back out. I just passed a TRAFfic cop!

by Omnibot 2000 February 15, 2009
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the opposite of spelling. when you say traf, you think you're being so smart because no one knows that you actually mean FARRRRT!! So, you can pretend that you're a genius for while, until ppl search up what TRAF means on urbandictionary and find out that it actually means some sort of backwards fart with perhaps some sexual connotation...and begin to find you really creepy for saying earlier, "man, this pudding smells like traf.' then a process which i like to call "traf-ficking" beings by which all your friends find you too creepy to hang around and slowly but surly, you become obsolete, thin air, a faint memory. 'tis sad.
"man, i smell traf"

"why the hell would anyone be dumb enough to attack a skunk? it'll only spray traf everywhere."
by Mofaz Ulways July 07, 2005
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A reverse fart. Performed by spreading a partners butt cheeks and blowing inwards.
Yo, my girlfriend traf'd me last night and my sack blew up like a puffer fish.
by Fa-T April 04, 2003
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Extremey rare reverse-fart, where air is sucked into the anus while individual is down on all fours. Usually followed by a garden-variety fart.
The old nun let in an almost inaudible traf as she knelt at the altar.
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
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