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n. - needle marks caused by IV drug use
n. - a portion of drugs, usually a $10-20 vial of crack cocaine or heroin. Likely derived from the practice of splitting an ounce (brick) of cocaine into 8 portions (eighth or 8 ball), much like an album has around 8 or so songs, or tracks.
n. Street or streets where prostitutes stroll, looking for customers
"Tracks on my arms give me up as a junkie"
"Niggas who run fo' me, they don't even stash tracks, they keep 'em on 'em, right there in they ass crack" - 50 cent 'Back Down'
I'm an international player, I run tracks from coast to coast and on four continents.
by LazyBlaze May 9, 2003
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Marijuana, specifically modern crossbreeds of Indonesian (hence, "Indo") indica strains with western sativa, resulting in pungent, broadleafed, THC-crystal laden buds, or "trees". Often confused for a short form of "indoor", which is where most of this type of marijuana is now grown.
Rollin' down the street, smokin' Indo, sippin' on gin and juice.
by LazyBlaze March 12, 2003
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A nation so stupid it doesn't even care how much it is lied to, so long as the lies are excuses to kill someone with desired resources instead of being about oral sex.
Mr. Bush, appointed president of Fuckstickistan, has given the public the lies it so desperately wanted to excuse an invasion of Iraq. W00t.
by LazyBlaze June 5, 2003
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A cigar that has been hollowed and refilled with marijuana. The term 'blunt' was originally derived from the preferred brand of cigars for this operation, Phillies Blunts.
"I twist a blunt tighter than those bitches in Havana!" - Uncle Elroy, 'Next Friday'
by LazyBlaze May 7, 2003
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High quality; expensive; glamorous. Short for 'caviar'.
If he had a job today, Robin Leach's slogan would be, "Kristal wishes and cavi dreams"
by LazyBlaze May 7, 2003
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n. a 1/8 ounce portion of any drug, usually marijuana, esp. on the West Coast
"I get crazy, roll an eighth in one hooter" - Ton Loc, 'Cheeba Cheeba'
by LazyBlaze May 9, 2003
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n. - Strong marijuana; one of several Jamacian terms for pot

adj. - Especially potent or enjoyable; Jamacian adjective, usually used to describe marijuana
"Just gimme the light and pass the droll" - Sean Paul, 'Gimme The Light'
"Give me some droll purple weeds and some chocolate" - 50cent, 'High All The Time'
by LazyBlaze May 7, 2003
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