a great friend w/ lots of talent. she is funny & fun to be around🙃 she’s stressful but that’s a personal problem
i 💞 cherrie
by onceicookedmypetgoldfish February 7, 2020
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If you know a Cherry you are in luck. There are not many Cherrys out there, even when given the nickname Cherry you are; One of the most unique people in the world. You're a boy magnet, one of the most loyal, strongest and most beautiful people in the world. Cherrys are usually innocent on the outside, they look soft and kind, but in the inside they are crazy, dirty, fun and exciting. They like danger, they thrive by it, their exciting side usually lures in boys and since Cherrys are so unique and special boys are always kept on their toes around them. Cherrys are usually hard to get, and boys love a challenge. Usually Cherrys have brown or black hair with dark eyes. It brings out their mysterious side. Despite everything Cherrys are loyal, fun and find it difficult to fall in love. If you get someone with the name 'Cherry' Or nickname 'Cherry' to fall in love with you, you are special. Because they are hard to lure in. A sad thing is Cherrys usually find it hard to trust, and let people in. They push people away due to the fear of being hurt. And they push people away by hurting them. If they haven't pushed you away you are indeed special and have earned a spot in their heart, and that is very had to earn.
Cherry is so funny!
by TheInsider111 August 27, 2018
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The lit part in the end of a blunt or joint.
I tried to ash the wood but the cherry fell on me.
by vampash February 23, 2023
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a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term for a woman's hymen, a piece of skin which covers the opening of the vagina and, contrary to popular belief, can be broken in any number of ways including sexual intercourse, tampon use, and vigorous exercise. It's presence, or lack thereof, was at one time used to prove or disprove a woman's virginity, but we now know that this is an archaic idea, as it can be broken in several ways, and many women are in fact born without one.
Idiot: "Dude, that bitch told me she was a virgin, but she didn't bleed when I did her last night. Somebody else must have got to her cherry first."
Less-of-an-Idiot: "Um, maybe she just uses tampons or something."
Idiot: "Oh..."
by Philomel July 14, 2004
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The hot (burning) end of a cigarette, "J", or bowl (pipe).
(Jim): Harry, you just nocked the cherry off your smoke and it's burning a hole in my rug!!!
(Harry): O FUCK!!! Sorry dude!!! {stomps the smouldering rug out with his shoe and relights his smoke}.
by Telephony October 12, 2011
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This cake is Cherry.
by Boyblackout November 21, 2018
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