You must remember to have the new cover sheet for these reports, otherwise Bill and everyone else in the office will annoy you.
You apparently didn't put one of the new cover sheets on your TPS reports.
by Austin James April 06, 2004
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A burdensome report that Peter must produce in the movie "Office Space."
Uhhh...yeeahhh..I'm gonna need you to put a cover memo on that TPS Report.
by B-money April 14, 2005
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Timeslot Propagation Statistics (TPS) reports - how you account to your boss for what you've been doing all day.
For lawyers it is the same as so-called "billable hours".
by Sputnik September 09, 2004
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This Place Sucks Report. The corporate america has been so bogged down with status reports that no work gets done because you spend all day giving your status to obnoxious product managers. Let them know how you feel in the next TPS Report.
Boss: Did you get that project done?
Me: Actually I haven't had time to start a new one.
Boss: Mmmm yeah, well send me a TPS Report with its status.
Me: This Place Sucks.
by Todd B. January 18, 2005
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A report, usually printed on soft, pliable paper. 'tps' is an acronym for Toilet Paper Substitute. Submitting a tps report without the requisite cover page is tantamount to leaving the toilet seat up after taking a leak. Both events usher a series of comments by superiors and peers alike.
"Could you pass some of your tps report under the stall wall, I'm fresh out"
by Tim C. November 11, 2004
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What your evil "OOOOOhhh Kay...Yeah" boss runs around and tells you to do. Your boss' name MAY be "Lumbergh" but not necessarily. Be sure to file these in the proper folders, or they will NOT be accepted.
Lumbergh: "Ummm...Yeah, Peter, I really need you to turn in those TPS reports..."
*takes a sip of his coffee*
by Alec Pyralis February 05, 2004
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