Total Power Exchange as applies to a kink relationship between a Dom and a sub
I am seeking a sub to own, TPE, for life.
by Cochon Chaud April 2, 2021
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Tight Pussy Energy

Like its counterpart BDE, or Big Dick Energy, it means subtle, sexy confidence; confidence without cockiness. Usually used to flatter women that want their own form of BDE.

A totally separate definition than the BDSM relationship known as Total Power Exchange.
Guy 1: Can you say that girl’s bold sexy, yet humble demeanor is BDE?

Guy 2: Yes. But I prefer calling it TPE.

Guy 1: Yeah she DEFINITELY exudes TPE.
by Hypetroll February 4, 2020
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As relating to bdsm or a power exchange type relationship, TPE is an acronym for Total Power Exchange where a dom has total control over their sub. This is commonly referred to as consensual slavery. This dynamic is NOT only during scenes, it is a 24/7 bdsm dynamic. The dom is in control of the subs life, how they are allowed to dress, what they can eat, how much time they can spend on their phone, basically their life as a whole.
My Sir and I nigotiatd for our dynamic to eventually become a TPE type dynamic.
by Dynamics July 30, 2018
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TPE = Total Power Exchange
A sub-category of BDSM.
That freak is into TPE.
by BillShaite April 28, 2004
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Tight Pussy Energy
An individual, typically female, who gives off extremely uptight vibes but is truly a freak in the sheets.
“Dude that girl’s such a bitch”
Yeah but she gives off so much TPE. I’d hit that.”
by throtz July 18, 2018
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A slang for Taipei, the capital of taiwan.
Guy1: 'ey son where you reppin?
Guy2: Dat TPE mah nig
Guy1: No doubt no doubt
by DY - TigFoSho October 18, 2005
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an acronym on twitter meaning tight pussy energy ; you want tpe.
stan acc 1: wbk she had tpe
stan acc 2: of course you did 🤪
by stanofdt February 25, 2019
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