It refers to the female genitalia. It originates from Nigerian pidgin and has since spread to neighboring African countries and beyond
that girl has got the tightest toto ever. OR in pidgin "the girl toto tight o"
by s.floyd August 22, 2016
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used in many countries in reference to the female genitalia though the language is not indigenious to one country, the word has its roots in africa
toto is a type of thin', toto is a type of place, everybody like toto
by Mobbin October 23, 2003
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A band that began in the late 70's and dominated in the 80's. They had such hits as 'Hold The Line' and 'Africa' which is used in GTA Vice City
When my friend said that Toto sucked I DDT'ed him onto the floor
by Matty J December 6, 2004
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the cutest boyfriend in the whole world ; while he may talk a lot, he's the sweetest and his rambling will make u fall in love. he has the cutest laugh and is very understanding. he tries his best to understand everyone and make them feel comfy. he's a bit shy but once you get to know him, you'll love him very much. he can be a bit of a sap at times but that's part of what makes him so lovely.
toto : the sun looks so pretty today !

kyokyo : but you're prettier as always !

toto: no, you! hehe <3
by kyoooya April 29, 2021
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Toto” is another word for fuckboy or hoe. If you get called “toto” that means you pull hoes and then leave them after you guys get intimate.
Toto will leave you after he has sex with you girl!!!
by Marie Thompson February 11, 2019
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