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1. An orgasm that goes way too far. People start drooling and having seizures.

2. A rush of sexual feelings brought on by the profilic female rocker Tori Amos.
1. Oh no, he's having a torgasm! Call 911!
2. Did you go to the House of Blues last night to see Tori Amos? It was torgasmic.
by FuturePatronSaint May 25, 2009
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The wet feeling you get in your panties when you see that beautiful senior walking in the halls at school. He's so hot, you just can't help but have a Torgasm.
OHMYGOD! Look at Tor! He's so hot today! I just had a Torgasm!
by SeniorLover February 08, 2011
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When one becomes overexcited and begins spasming violently, leading to drooling and seizure-like motions.
Dude, he just had a torgasm.
by Demosthenes December 14, 2004
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