Slang of multiple meanings. Used as either blown away, blew away or blow away

1. Someone to get shot and killed with a firearm

2.To get majorly surprised or astounded by something
To blow away.

1.The gang member stated that he was going to blow me away away the next time I entered his turf.

The man ran up on him and blew him away with his shotgun
He was innocently standing there and got blown away right at his doorstep

2.Wow you absolutely blew me away how smart you actually are.
I was blown away how high he could still jump considering how out of shape he's become.
by Old school bossman September 19, 2020
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a cheap, plastic football. so light that when left unattended the wind will quite happily blow it away. ideal for playing on the beach
It's alright ma, we won't break any windows. Sure it's only a blow away we're playing with.
by thebdogg February 17, 2009
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Performed by Breaking Benjamin, for the game Halo 2 and it kicks arse!
Person 1: Have u heard Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin?

Person 2: Yeah its kick arse!
by David Compton October 14, 2007
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When playing rdr1 an old man will get tired of modders and pull out his explosive rifle and blow u to smithereens
by Blow your ass away April 18, 2022
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