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thinger is a thing, something, thingamajig, and whatchamacallit. Used when referring to some kind of web entity including applications, procedures, etc.
Sometimes used to refer to people as a substitute for whatshisname or whatshername.
"I just finished building the spell check thinger for the new email publishing system."
by That's right April 25, 2006
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SFRY stands for the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. SFRY was the Yugoslav state that existed from the end of World War II to the end of the Yugoslav wars in the 90s.
SFRY comprised the area of the present-day independent states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and Slovenia.
by That's right April 26, 2006
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Amway Christian is fundamentalist Christian who has forgotten the original message of Jesus Christ- to help the less fortunate. Amway Christians subvert the message to instead become a celebration of how rich Jesus has made them. Socially conservative Christians who utilize multi-level marketing, akin to Amway Corporation, combining Christianity and capitalism without seeing the contradiction.
"This Church parking lot is full of Mercedes and Lexuses.
The Amway Christians must be having their bible study meeting."
by That's right April 25, 2006
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dbc stands for 'Don't Be Cheap'. Exclamation used when someone is being cheap...and you want to tell her not to be, but don't feel like spelling it out to them. Instead you use this acronym that she is clueless over and she wonders what you mean.
*Chris drank your last beer and won't even offer to buy more when you mention that you are out of it.*
You: Ahh, I'm out of beer.
Chris: That sucks.
You: DBC!
by That's right April 26, 2006
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(n.) Having sex between strangers, after having been arranged via the mobile phone (cell phone) using Bluetooth technology.
Wanna have a go at toothing?
by That's right May 7, 2006
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