It's a verb
It means to be given the gift of tamales

Ex. "Hey @Jokerz did you see that Dr. Twist TAMALED DaddyPops ? He sure looks happy about it."
by JWild2 December 1, 2018
Yeah, I'll see you tomally, I don't know.

I'll do that tomally, if I'm not tired.
by TwitchieE and Suziekat June 21, 2007
Jayson: Did you notice her new hair style? She thinks it's cute
Kayan: She's sadly mistaken, 'cause that shit is NOT tomale
by Jayson T. Jones December 11, 2005
An insanely simple person who always get fucked by others without no reason!!
by hawk_007 May 11, 2016
Too hot to be handled. One fine human being. To be smoking hot.
Alexis is one hot tomale.
by Alexis O. September 21, 2003
A phrase used when one does not know how to spell "tamale" correctly.
(conversation via IM)
A: What's a hot tomale?
B: I donno. Do you mean tamale?
A: Oh... yeah, I guess.
B: Well, a tamale is a Mexican food made of cornmeal & lard, with typically a pork filling. A "hot tamale" can be a spicy cinnamon candy. Or it could be a reference to someone appealing to the eye.
A: Man I'm a dumbass.
B: I know.
by Leslie83c May 2, 2009