An insanely simple person who always get fucked by others without no reason!!
by hawk_007 May 11, 2016
Yeah, I'll see you tomally, I don't know.

I'll do that tomally, if I'm not tired.
by TwitchieE and Suziekat June 21, 2007
It's a verb
It means to be given the gift of tamales

Ex. "Hey @Jokerz did you see that Dr. Twist TAMALED DaddyPops ? He sure looks happy about it."
by JWild2 December 1, 2018
Jayson: Did you notice her new hair style? She thinks it's cute
Kayan: She's sadly mistaken, 'cause that shit is NOT tomale
by Jayson T. Jones December 11, 2005
Too hot to be handled. One fine human being. To be smoking hot.
Alexis is one hot tomale.
by Alexis O. September 21, 2003
A phrase used when one does not know how to spell "tamale" correctly.
(conversation via IM)
A: What's a hot tomale?
B: I donno. Do you mean tamale?
A: Oh... yeah, I guess.
B: Well, a tamale is a Mexican food made of cornmeal & lard, with typically a pork filling. A "hot tamale" can be a spicy cinnamon candy. Or it could be a reference to someone appealing to the eye.
A: Man I'm a dumbass.
B: I know.
by Leslie83c May 2, 2009