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Toki Pona is a simple constructed language consisting of 120 words and 18 basic sounds. It was created by Canadian linguist Sonja Elen Kisa in 2001. It is a minimal language. Like a pidgin, it focuses on simple concepts and elements that are relatively universal among cultures. Toki Pona aims to express maximal meaning with minimal complexity. There are five vowels and nine consonants (j, k, l, m, n, p, s, t, w). The grammar is very regular and easy to learn. Core words are combined for more specific meanings. Verb endings are all the same, since there is no tense. Since there are a limited number of words, there is some ambiguity and often the meaning is derived from context. Each word can have multiple meanings, which makes learning the language more difficult than one might think. For example, the word 'Pona' can be a verb (to improve, to fix), an adjective (good, simple, right), a noun (goodness, simplicity), or an interjection (great!, cool! yay!). Context helps to determine which particular meaning is intended.
Lord's prayer in Toki Pona

mama pi mi mute o,
parent of many,
sina lon sewi kon.
you are above the sky.
nimi sina o sewi en pona.
your name is holy and good.
ma sina o kama.
may your country come.
jan o pali e wile sina en lon sewi kon en lon ma.
people do your wishes above the sky and on earth.
by aikidave August 25, 2009
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