Character from the episode "Waiting for God" from series 1 of the BBC Red Dwarf tv-series. Toaster is actually a more or less intelligent device, used for toasting bread and for conversation. But the topic of conversation is quite toast related.
by Aart May 19, 2005
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A regular on the GameFAQs board Toaster Oven(board 909090909). It wasmade by just capitalizing the O in 'Toaster' to put the board's initials in there as a symbol. The board's AIM chat is named, accordingly, 'TOasters.'
Don't mess with him, he's a TOaster.
by Are You Listening June 20, 2004
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God damn, Dan needs a new toaster. His league takes 50 years to load.
by Vendicator May 31, 2013
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Twat 1: Yeah I just got a new toaster cant wait to take it in the bath.
Twat 2: yeah man
by xXUr_NanXx October 09, 2019
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Also known as "toasta" or "toastah" it is either the dictionary meaning which is a machine used to toast bread, but most importantly, it's another word for gun
"You know the po-pos wont let me hold them toasters no mo'"

"We come with toastas like we just opened savings and loans"
by Amuckone May 01, 2004
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Insert bread, dispenses toast.
Camren: Chase put toast in the toasters.
Brenden: Why the fuck would he do that? You put bread in a toaster?!
by unknown413235 January 03, 2010
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