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When you doing a girl missionary and right before climax you pull out and, in zig-zag motion, spread your semen on her chest and/or face.
Dude, I was having sex with this chic last night and I totally gave her a toaster strudle
by The Great Noah February 05, 2009
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A food that is way better then Pop tarts. It has filling inside and a slighty crunchy flaky crust outside. With icing that YOU apply on top!!! :)
That toaster strudle was sure delicious and BETTER then a pop tart!
by TheLittle September 02, 2010
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(Verb) When you burn someone alive (mainly a women) and cum on them in a curved line like a toaster strudle
Guy: What you finna gonna do later?
You; Shiet, finna gonna toaster strudle yo ass, no homo
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by illLocus May 15, 2018
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