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A sexual act in which a man (or men) has sex with a woman while she poops on his dick.
"Dude, Sophie gave me a toasted marshmallow last night"

It can also be used in the past tense verb form, like "Dude, Sophie toasted my marshmallow last night".
by wutangkillabeezonaswarm March 23, 2009
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When a pale girl gets a tan around only the top or side of her boobs from wearing a bikini in the sun.
Male 1: "dayum that momma got sum toasted marshmallows!"
Male 2: "yuh"
by ELMO'S BUTTHOLE June 26, 2018
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Cousin to the Dutch Oven, only with a Toasted Marshmallow, you load her pillow up with your anal expulsions then wait until she puts her head on it (or, you could just hold it over her face).
Dude, Melissa got quite the Toasted Marshmallow last night. I ass gassed her pillow and waited for her head to land. Totally stunk her out!
by Whacky-doodle May 30, 2018
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