A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Get in position and wait for my go,

but said in normal life
x4, x4!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 06, 2003
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This is a graffiti tag for a gang called the "Times Four Boyz," usually seen in public restrooms. To be in their gang, all members have to suck guys off in public bathrooms 4 times a day, minimum, or they're kicked out.

Their main rivals are the "Times Three Boys," who write X3 instead. Their suck-off quota is lower, but the principles are the same
I saw this nob-sucker writing X4 on one of the stalls. He turned to me & said, "lemme suck ur Dick, I gotta make quota!" but I turned & beat a hasty retreat.
by ElPteroDoodleBug September 22, 2018
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