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I know this definition will get voted down, because too many people here like murder, hate animals, and are overall idiots.

I always wanted to be an animal.

I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to be a chicken? You have to jump over somebody to get to where you're going, you're swimming in your own feces, you're surrounded by a shitload of other chickens and then killed at the age of 2 months... erm... okay, a pig.
You're castrated at birth and fed until you can't stand, and if you don't eat fast enough you're banged against concrete and shot if you aren't fat enough to slaughter... erm... cows?
Being constantly pregnant so you can provide milk to another species and then when you aren't "useful" enough you get to be turned into food... nope, being an animal kinda sucks.
Chickens... Eggs and "poultry"
Cows... Milk and "beef"
Pigs... "pork"

Yeah... I want to be enjoyed by people that eat me, and given French names that turn into English euphemisms...

Ahh, now that's a life.
by Vegan May 05, 2005

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When something is done so a bunch. Also to the max x4, to the max^2, or anything else you like to make it more than just to the max.
I need a stoage to the max x4!
by vegan November 02, 2003

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Spanish literal translation of bitch.
Used by people who are smart enough to figure out what it means and ignorant enough to forget that in Spanish it means female dog, not bitch.
Move, Perra.
Get out da way
by Vegan April 29, 2003

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marijuana wrapped in paper as to be smoked
Stoner: "We're smoking the jay"
Other: "I envy you like a mug"
by vegan November 02, 2003

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