A pimp is one who controls women for money.
by viper7o3 January 20, 2016
A man who makes a profession out of reducing women to commodities and convincing them to sell their bodies to clients. An oppressor of women. One of the lowest forms of humanoid scum.
Travis Bickle executed the pimp with his .44 Magnum.

I would have used a sawed-off.
by Iggy Hazard December 13, 2003
The act of one formulating his/her persona and adjusting it thereof to cause the opposite sex to more sexually attracted to him/her.

An example of one "pimpin'" it:

"Ladies, ladies, how are you all doin'? It's hot in here, but you still look fine! Go'damn!"
by Fisherman\'s Friend March 29, 2003
A man who acts as a prostitute's manager. They often claim much of the money that the prostitutes earn, saying that it's legititmate since they "protect the prostitutes from harm." The "protection" is a lie, since pimps are known to be physically and/or mentally abusive to the prostitute(s) and often encourage them to take up drugs, so that addiction will keep them dependant on their pimp.

Pimps are known to "befriend" girls and women who are runaways and/or are doing poorly, promising comfort... thus luring more women into the hellhole of prostitution.

Strangely, in sexually liberal countries, where prostitution is legal, the power of pimps is greatly reduced, thus giving prostitutes more freedom.
"I be pimpin'!"

What is that supposed to mean? Pimps are evil; pimping is at the expense of women. A pimp is far from a heroic or glorious person.
by Lorelili February 17, 2006
1)something badass or new and fresh.
2)a male who uses females to make money to buy more ho's and in turn blows that money on gold lining for his shoelaces.
"those ho's over there are just askin' to be pimped"
by dick April 12, 2003
adj. to be involved with many women injunction with great material wealth
by og187pl November 11, 2005
Believe it or not--and I'm totally serious about this--the word "pimp" is used by medical students to describe something their so-called instructors/ mentors/ attending physicians routinely do to them: namely humiliate the student by publicly quizzing him or her on medical facts, usually trivial ones, with the goal of demonstrating the instructor's own magnificent knowledge. Etymology unknown.
That fucker chief resident pimped us for a half-hour on multiple endocrine neoplasia, the most irrelevant zebra on earth, with a big shit eating grin on his face, even though he's a clumsy surgeon who I once saw stitch through the adventitia of the renal artery. Dumb-ass.
by redhen October 31, 2006