Leaving a place because of conditions one strongly disapproves of.
There i was, my sanity dwindling and somebody had a bag of Milky Ways, when suddenly i saw It around the corner.
It would make anyone want to nope out of there, me shrieking all the time doesn't make me less of man.
by Ishbane February 9, 2012
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Left the premises in a hurry.
The guy threw off all kinds of domestic violence warning signs and I noped out of there fast.
by Bitsy88 February 23, 2016
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stopped reading or watching something for being too weird
I read the first chapter of the fanfic and noped out.
by frabrizio July 23, 2018
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The phrase "to nope out" combines the phrase "to get out" with the judgment of "no way" or "no thanks" or "hell no" to the event that makes one leave.
I didn't get spooked during the haunted house tour, but when the guide opened the door to the basement for us, Nate's face went pale and he noped out of there immediately. He won't tell me what scared him.
by MN-knows November 7, 2022
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To nope out is to have something happen to that you do not like and you end up noping out.
Person 1: Hey mate we have more homework
Person 2: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE (walks out)
Person 3: What happened to him?
Person 1: He had a nope out
by Jmaster7297 August 2, 2018
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Leaving when you don't even want to TRY to handle the situation.
I was walking along at night, when I noticed someone down the street who seemed to be dancing, like waltzing. As I watched, he danced closer, and closer, and closer. I looked away for a second or two to see if anyone else was around, and when I looked back, he had crossed the street to my side, and then crouched down. And then he stopped. I noticed that he had this terrifying cartoon smile on his face. I passed him, being vigilant. He continued to dance away from me in the other direction. He got fairly far away and I started to feel better.

And then I heard the dancing stop, and someone running toward me from his direction. I noped the fuck out, and ran like hell.
by happycookie August 17, 2013
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