2 definitions by texasforever

Just a shorter, faster, and cuter way to say adorable or adorbs.
Mackenzie: Check out my new Jeffrey Campbell Damsels.

Christina: Wow those are so dorbs.
by texasforever July 25, 2014
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You can use the word mess after someone says or does something that's embarrassing, stupid, pathetic, ridiculous, or weird. Honestly can be used after a lot of things. Even sometimes when you don't know what to reply, "mess" might work.
It's so hard to define mess... Mess. Check examples for a better understanding.
Sometimes has a t at the end. (Messt)

xtina: I can't believe that ratchet hoe has the same bag as me!!
nicki: Mess

rus: So yesterday I drunk texted my ex boyfriend
nicki: Mess

abby: *drops phone*
xtina: Mess

nerd: Damn I forgot to do my homework -.-
xtina: Mess
by texasforever June 8, 2014
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