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I simplified, sometimes more kind way of saying to eat a girl out. Reffering to eating meals, she is your meal.
"You're going to be my meal later on"
"You're bestfriend is allowed to be your meal"
"Meal for you tonight bro?"
by Crosby Kid February 17, 2015

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Messing around or to mess is two people having no commitment or feelings for each other. Messing consist of (kissing, flirting, chilling, cuddling) basically things people to enjoy each others time. Sexual activites (full ot sex, oral, anal, etc,.) Things people make up, enjoy l, want to try.
So I recently just met this cut boy Johnny and he is so cute. But I only just want to mess with him.

I don't want nothing close to serious. Just want to mess with people if you know what I mean, but of course I use protection.
by Crosby Kid September 08, 2015

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