the act of removing one's own prosthetic leg and proceeding to beat, smack, or thump upon another person with said leg.
Friend One: What happened to your leg?

Friend Two: Some guy tried to rough me up, so I had to leg him a little.

Friend One: Nice.
by impavid August 30, 2014
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Skin tight pants that show off a girls curves and create boners.
Chad can usually be found in the supply room jacking off when Keirsten wears leggings to work.
by SlopNChop September 19, 2016
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Legging it, is in essence running away.

(Legged it)past tence

Usually used in conjuction with doing something wrong.
"And then the cops came so we legged it" or "did you see bill? He was legging it, what a pussy!"
by Sporadicfire January 22, 2007
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“Aye man we can’t go over there so many of my legs are there and they all gon come up to me and get jelous
by Curry Eater December 29, 2018
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girl 1: Omg did you see Becky's leggings
girl 2: Omg yes

both: her butt looks big
by bob with 2 O's April 14, 2015
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Non Airborne personnel who many times justify their unwillingness to put their "knees in the breeze" by saying things like, "When was the last time you jumped into combat?" and "Airborne isn't necessary anymore"
However, Paratroops shouldn't be discouraged. These Legs were never held to the highest standard and thrived. Legs, in general, would never face their fears voluntarily because deep down, they are cowards that will only do the bare minimun in life.

Not all Legs are flawed. Many are nearly as good as an Airborne soldier(minus the wings.) These Legs work hard and don't hide their inadeqaecies by pointing their fingers at others. Paratroopers only call these men and women Legs with playful intent.
Troop: "This is bull shit! Why doesn't the Sergeant Airborne ever do vehicle maintenance with us?"

Paratroop: "Fucking Leg."
by notaleg November 30, 2012
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