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To Brett Favre it: to be indecisive about something.

Based on Brett Favre's decision to keep quitting and then returning to professional football.
"Yo, you finally stop hitting that?"
"Nah, I think I'm gonna Brett Favre it and go back."

"So are we getting deep dish or thin crust?"
"I don't know, he's still Brett Favreing it."

"Did you chose between Jill or Stacy?"
"Nope. I'm just going to Brett Favre it and go back and forth until one of them gets too pissed."
by notbillclinton August 18, 2009
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Brett Favre could have quit while he was ahead and retire to be a Green Bay legend. Instead, after many flip flop announcements about his retirement or return, he returned only to ruin his career, image and legacy. So to Brett Favre it is to continue to do something to the point where success is turned into disgrace and/or failure.
Jimmy totally Brett Favred it last night with those girls.

You should quit, you're about to brett favre it
by bazinga12345 December 14, 2010
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