Did you see that? He just offered her a high five and pulled it back as she went to slap hands. He just tived her.

After losing the game in the final seconds, he was irate. Instead of congratulating the other team, he walked down the lane pulling back his congratulatory high fives. He tived them.
by PhillyPhreedom March 31, 2017
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How they try to make a religious leaflet look by disguising it as a piece of paper-money.
I got so mad about --- and fed up with --- those initially-"at-tract-tive" fake ten- and hundred-dollar bills that turned out to merely be "Disappointed? You won't be disappointed if you give your life to Jesus Christ!" message-slips that I finally decided to try beating the leaflets' printers --- and God --- at their own game... I mailed a "ten dollar" (hey, I even "went easy" on them; I wasn't even greedy enough to send a C-note one!) tract back to its organization of origin and included a note that read, "I'll make a bargain with you --- if you and God/Jesus are really so gung-ho all-fired up desirous that I convert to Christianity, you send me a real ten-dollar bill as a good-faith gesture and proof that God loves me, and then I'll become a Christian for life, no matter how bad things get for me!" But of course I never heard back from them... think of that, now... for just ten bucks --- TEN MEASLY BUCKS!! --- they could have had a staunch convert to Christianity there, yet they off-handedly chose to just ignore my offer! I guess that they actually DON'T genuinely care whether I follow their faith or not, then. What a bunch of phonies!!!
by QuacksO February 8, 2020
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A day when you get a lot of things done, but overall it sucks.
Guy 1: So, how was work yesterday?
Guy2: Awful. I got all my reports filed, but I felt sick most of the time and then spilled hot coffee all over myself. Overall, it was pretty pro-suck-tive.
by VidaVee April 20, 2010
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noun (offensive)
A persona belonging to a person who acts ignorant, thuggish, or pridefully foolishly.
When she told me she wanted a bad boy, a thug, a gangster, I realized that her type is someone with nigga-tive energy.
by rfk4theday April 23, 2023
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