How they try to make a religious leaflet look by disguising it as a piece of paper-money.
I got so mad about --- and fed up with --- those initially-"at-tract-tive" fake ten- and hundred-dollar bills that turned out to merely be "Disappointed? You won't be disappointed if you give your life to Jesus Christ!" message-slips that I finally decided to try beating the leaflets' printers --- and God --- at their own game... I mailed a "ten dollar" (hey, I even "went easy" on them; I wasn't even greedy enough to send a C-note one!) tract back to its organization of origin and included a note that read, "I'll make a bargain with you --- if you and God/Jesus are really so gung-ho all-fired up desirous that I convert to Christianity, you send me a real ten-dollar bill as a good-faith gesture and proof that God loves me, and then I'll become a Christian for life, no matter how bad things get for me!" But of course I never heard back from them... think of that, now... for just ten bucks --- TEN MEASLY BUCKS!! --- they could have had a staunch convert to Christianity there, yet they off-handedly chose to just ignore my offer! I guess that they actually DON'T genuinely care whether I follow their faith or not, then. What a bunch of phonies!!!
by QuacksO February 8, 2020
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