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A substitute for the male scrotum, composed of two small breasts.
"Ouch, you kicked me right in the titsticles"

"Look at Tom Cruise' titsticles... hhhhhnnnnnnnggggggg"
by Johnathon Thomason December 13, 2013
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breasts that look like testicles. Typically oblong in nature.
Quin: Look at the Tits on her!

Wayne: Those are actually Titsticles.
Bethany: My breasts don't look like testicles. If we compare any round object to a testicle, that would imply any round object would be similar to testicles.
Wayne: Huh. I never considered that.
Quin: Yeah, I should reconsider my hetero-normative point of view.
by GrassInsideMeAss February 22, 2018
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