When someone is tired and wants to go to sleep.
It's been a long day.I want to hit the sack.
by Toa Pohatu March 9, 2017
Means to go to bed, though can be mistaken for masturbation.
Dude: Gonna hit the sack guys, catch you tomorrow.
Girl: Masterbate? sicko...
Dude: I mean go to bed, biatch.
by mc21212 January 18, 2007
1. Go to sleep.
2. Masturbate (a penis).
3. Smoke cannabis.
1. I am tired, I have to hit the sack soon.

2. - What took you so long?
- I had to hit the sack real quick.
- What?
- You know, I had to beat the meat.

3. - Bro, are you trying to hit the sack?
- What do you mean?
- Are you trying to blow some smoke?
- Hell yeah, my man!
by mr4ffe August 11, 2016
when u get hit in the balls.
now my nuts are sooo huge cuz of that one morning i woke up and accidentally hit the sack.
by nobody else here March 18, 2017
Masturbating to fall asleep before bed.
I am gonna hit the sack & passout
by aekdbro April 6, 2011
a term for masturbation widely used in the deep south
Boys, I'm gonna hit the sack! And I ain't going to sleep or nothing!
by dr. hoodrat November 3, 2015