When your toes are so long they resemble fingers.
Mandy's toes are so long they look like fingers. They're fucking tingers!
by Alyssapoopypants June 18, 2007
when u hve small thumbs cuz they look like they got cut off an replaced wit yo fingaz
u have small thumbs tose rnt thums those tingers
by cdoggbrota January 29, 2006
Someone with toes so long that they resemble fingers
Charlotte walks into her brothers house with flip flops on...
Kyle says “oh my god you’ve got Tingers!”
Charlotte “what the hells Tingers?”
Kyle “those freaky long toes you’ve got sticking out your flip flops”
by Fflech August 7, 2018
The act of being pleasured by toes to the vagina
I Tingered her last night. Tingering
by abmcabsjjj February 10, 2011
Toes so long they look like fingers
Mitch started stroking Tbones boots with his feet and Hughesy yelled out “those toes are so long they look fingers. They’re tingers!!!”
by Tbone’s Words August 2, 2019
Lingering in a friendship or romance only by text.
I am not with him anymore, were just tingering.
by WelshMan KR July 26, 2019
The Act of penatrating the Virgina with your toes. (preferably your Big Toe)
Nelson- Son, did you hear that Justin tingered some asian chick at the party ...

Mike- Kool-hwip

Traver- Meow
by Michael Che Guevara October 24, 2008