if you can hear this little girl sing, and not smile you are the tin man.
by Jesse Colburn January 6, 2008
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A cop or police officer. Is called so because his/her badge looks like it is made out of tin. A reference can be found in the movie "last action hero" with arnold scharzenegger
bad guy: "...who wants to know?"
arnold: ""the tin man ( holds up badge)"
badguy: " well, why dont you hit the bricks tin man"
arnold: " there not the right color"
by walker538 June 15, 2007
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the character carl may plays in the play
carl may
carl may is a useless tin man
by Anonymous May 2, 2003
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using tin foil as a condom when having sexual intercourse. also can be used as a verb "tin-manning" a girl.
"Hey dude, my girlfriend's being a whore" one of your bros
"Just tin man her" you

"Stop being a bitch or I'll tin man you" you
"OH GOD PLZ DONT!!!" her
"then shudafuckup" you
by STELFO_WAIZ February 16, 2009
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verb. to turn the bowl upside down on top of your bong stem and suck through the mouth piece like normal so that the ashes go out of the bowl into the water
dude, tin man that shit so we can load another bowl
by trr420 December 21, 2010
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After covering your lady friend's face in a healthy dose of your hot man chowder you then proceed to wrap her head in tin or aluminium foil while the aforementioned spunk still remains on her face
We were out of Plastic wrap last night so i just gave my girl the Tin Man instead.

"What are you the Cowerdly Lion? Give me the Tin Man"
by Billie_Lavin June 19, 2009
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