an unfortunate fella who has no dad and survives solely of off pigeon comfort
traveller: yeah, i got a nice supply of fowl from timmie's birds lol
by ventiaulait April 4, 2021
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A small marijuana cigarette. A poor boys joint - Tiny Tim would smoke one of these.
I have just enough pot to roll a Timmie.
by Joe Doobie March 15, 2007
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that quiet kid that always gets left behind especially in dangerous situations
by Jake The Doggo October 27, 2016
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A timmy is that one kid to break something at a party. He spills his drink at every dinner. If there is fire around, he will put his finger in it. If there is a knife around he will start cutting things.
timmy you smashed the picture!
by what1112 December 26, 2016
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Timmy is an average kid who no one understands, his mom dad and baby sitter all give him commands
1.Timmy is so cool I wish I was him
2. I don't know he's pretty average
1.I guess no one understands him
by RocketyangRacoon February 3, 2017
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The act of having someone else's workload pushed off on you. Usually when your unsure of the details to complete the job. Another term for being lazy!
I was the last of four units to respond to a call involving a report. I never made contact with anyone involved in the incident. Somehow I was Timmied and took the report anyway.
by Brad382 January 31, 2010
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TIMMY Timmy :D Tim-timmy timmy' timmy timmy, timmy!!!:D timmy?? timmy' timmy timmy TIMMY, timmy....:D
TIMMY Tim-timmy timmy!! :D
by TIMMY, timmy. November 28, 2020
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