(time•BAN•DIT) n. someone who wastes your time by telling long winded stories, isn't punctual, makes you wait for various reasons, plans boring outings, etc. it's a retro reference to an brit-comedy movie from the early eighties of the same name.
Kelly is such a time bandit... She always goes into these boring monologes about boring crap when i have much better things to do like clean my toilet.
by SAMMER OF THE GODS June 2, 2006
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someone renowned or reliable for stealing all your time.
Cam: "yeah man I'll be over in 5 minutes" *80 minutes later*

"oh yeah sorry man, I just started talking to my mom on the way out, I am leaving right now!" *35 minutes later* "my dad got me to help him unload his truck right as I was about to leave, I'm just gonna walk the dog and I'll head right up... Is anyone else there yet?"
Victim:"DUDE, everyone is here! wtf, come on!"
*25 minutes later*
Cam:" oh hey man, yeah, I totally forgot I already made plans with jen the other day... I gotta go to this movie tonight, so I cant come chill, you guys should just hold onto my share..."

Victim: ...

Victim: *SIGHate you* gad damn, you time bandit!
by marinade August 15, 2010
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A midget, or dwarf. Or just slang for a short person. Taken from the film 'Time Bandits' by Terry Gilliam, in which a load of midgets all travel through time, on the run from some evil forces.
She's a time bandit, she entered the midget olympics as a 'compact discus thrower'.
by the stoneman March 21, 2008
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A movie from the 1980s with Sean Connery and a lot of midgets. There's one scene where a boat capsizes and a line of midgets on beach chairs all fall in unison. A similar effect could be reached by throwing disproportionate ragdolls down a water slide.
This movie is pure madness.
Time bandits will keep you guessing if your not giving your full attention but is worth a couple hours of manic stoned laughter.
by Jomce M. Yag September 3, 2015
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A time bandit is the one friend who extends the night by any means necessary. A time bandit will be the person to say "just one more" and to buy another round when you are looking for your coat. The time bandit will say it's early: "Come on stay another hour -- it's early -- you'll still be able to get forty-five minutes of sleep tonight." The time bandit will purposely underestimate the time it takes to get home: "Don't worry you can grab a cab and get out to the Hamptons in thirty minutes" The time bandit will go as far as to use sex to keep you out -- Don't leave I was just about to kiss you."
Melanie is a time bandit. For her "grabbing a quick one after work" means letting her friends get home before its light the next morning. I went to lunch with Melanie and got home a week later.
by tiredguy December 30, 2009
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A person who lies about the amount of time they have been on the job.
Bob told me he worked for GE for 25 years, I found out he was only at GE for 17 years, he is a Time Bandit.
by Rik0290 October 2, 2008
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