One who is supernaturally gifted.A man/woman of good form.
"I dont like him,he thinks hes Timbo"
by father vail April 29, 2009
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A place in Halifax, Nova Scotia called timberlea but reffered to by gangstas and hustlas by Timbo.
Hey yo going to meet Jermain down in timbo?
by T-KA$H October 18, 2006
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n. 1. a person who speaks so highly of himself that the audience becomes incredulous and hostile; 2. one who bloviates; 3. a pompous asshole constantly talking about how great he is

vt. to speak so highly of one's self that one's audience becomes incredulous and hostile
n. Bill O'Reilly is such a timbo.

vt. Careful not to timbo in your memoirs, George, you do want people to read it.
by lilith636 June 02, 2009
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Peanut Vendor Slash Drug Dealer, also linked to the Timbo Militia.
"Hey lets go get some nuts to suck on from Timbo"
by Drew November 24, 2003
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A form of a queer teenage boy who goes to a Christian School and plays Apex legends.
Why did that timbo talk to me?
by The Joel Garth October 18, 2019
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