The suburban neighbourhood where you can find friendly faces and lots of Hicks, you can also find hood kids who run around with knives and guns robbing each other and blasting gangster music, with those kids is the most popular “gang” known as SORIO nova, they’re a large group of kids everyone in timberlea knows and worries about.
normal kid “did you go to timbo yet?”
Timbo kid “yeah I saw SORIO there and they were smoking weed and vaping
by Timberlea residents September 02, 2019
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often shows a soft silent side but can flip at any second - throwing a wobbly
yeh we was just talking about tyre pressure and he threw a timbo
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
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A name called to someone who has just had sex with an extremely feminine male
oh my goodness! I can't beleive he just did a Timbo!
by Mr Bigglesworth May 18, 2006
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East Coast wears alot of outfits including Los (polo shlrts)and Timbos.
by Chauncy Chances October 18, 2018
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