Getting so sexually frustrated when you see your crush all your blood runs to your dick and you pass out.
Did you see that guy fall over? Yeah he was so worked up about his older boss. He timbered right over.
by Richard McStuffins June 16, 2019
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A wanky American soccer team from the Scummiest city in the United States, Portland, Oregon. MOST well known for the more-than-lame "supporters group" the Timbers Army (TA for short). The Timbers were brought into the MLS in 2011, where they didn't make the playoffs, didn't win any cups, and actually lost a cup (the Cascadia Cup) to their most hated (and better) rivals, Seattle Sounders FC. They're also the holder of the self-proclaimed "Soccer City USA" title. Probably should have a better team if you're going to call yourself that.
The Timbers Army wasn't too happy today. 48 seconds from kick, Roger Levesque from the Seattle Sounders scored a goal. RCTI...lose?
by ECSTID January 12, 2012
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A very beautiful girl who's out going and is very caring . She is a great girlfriend but it takes time for her to open up and actually let you in . She may seem like a player but she's very loyal and kind hearted .
Guy 1: woah you date timber?!

Guy 2: yeah she's amazing

Guy 1: your so lucky bro don't let her go
by Bigbooty110 September 23, 2015
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A prank where a tennis ball can is filled with piss and placed leaning against the front door of someone's house. The standard ding-dong-ditch is then employed, covering the persons foyer with piss when the door is opened.
DING DONG TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by yosdk July 17, 2005
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slang abbreviation for rolling tobacco such as Golden Virginia or Cutters choice.
Used particularly when referring to the tobacco used in rolling a joint.

"bud, do you have some timber for my joint?"

Jack went to the shop to buy some gin, papers, filters and 50g of timber
by ermatty January 09, 2009
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Slang term used for the drug marijuana.
Called my dude an he said he has some killer timber 4 sale.

I got a bag of some killer timber last nite an got stoned off my ass.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
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