When you lay in the 69 position with the person on top. You then grow a tree shit from your arse and shout timber and drop it in to said participant at the bottoms face
That poor girl last night she got the timber.
by Donzil March 27, 2020
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stage nickname of super-star prodcer timbaland
timbaland can spank any other producer, except Dre, becuase even he can't step to the Westside
by boom boom b August 22, 2004
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1.BAY AREA TERM for Wen u take a women ta bed. u push her on tha bed(timber) then get ta stickin her. SEX
"its about ta go down, its its about ta go down (TIMBER)" Timber - Mistah F.A.B
by ChazY May 13, 2006
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Short for Declan Eastley. This means you have the iq of a piece of timber, extremely horny, has the biceps the size of coconuts and a cock as big as an elephants trunk.
β€œHow are you today Timber?”
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Something red neck white people yell as a tree is falling to the ground
My fat uncle Larry was going at that tree for hours just to to look stupid holler "timber" while the tree fell to the ground.
by Squidwards harry ass crack November 15, 2020
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He's going down, I'm yelling timber!

Variation of the song that means a guy giving a girl a lick out until she cums
I was yelling timber last night πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈπŸ‘…
via giphy
by Princess πŸ‘Έ peach January 16, 2019
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Timber is the best pit bull I know. He is a dark wood brown brindle with some white. He likes to lick a lot and sometimes bite but only nibbles sometimes. He's very sweet kind and cuddly. He's my favriote pitbull in the world. He had parvo but is now fine but he may have had a fever for too long because now he is a little bit toooo special........in the brain.
"I love you Timber!!!!"
by Hawk Heart December 09, 2016
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