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can also be used as a verb (see below)

annoyance ranking:
* pissed off
* tit in a wringer
* pissy
*>ticked off
* undies in a bundle
* bent out of shape
* peaved
* miffed (agitated and fey)
He's still ticked off about the election of 2000.

These *#%$! referees really tick me off.
by mandingoe October 10, 2005
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Ticked off. An intermediate stage between being annoyed and being pissed off.

When you are annoyed, you generally try to calm down, but if you get ticked off, it clearly seems more "enjoyable" to use violence, wich leads to being pissed off.
I rode my bicycle through the streets at high speed, when all of the sudden a slowpoke obstructed my passage. (sceams) Now I'm ticked off!1
by Darth Fureon January 11, 2006
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Being annoyed,upset,even enraged.
I remember an x college of mine in the 10th grade was so ticked off.
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by Toa Pohatu February 23, 2017
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