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The feeling that utterly overtakes you when you see a girl/guy that makes your heart go wild.

It will give you a state of "highness" and will completely make your day.

You will leap about like a dolt and yell out in joy.
*sees girl* *heart pounds* O.o Love Attack!!!
by Darth Fureon March 20, 2006

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Something very close to you has been killed/hurt, maybe your girlfriend or your child.

I shall attempt to explain the direness of wrath.
If anger had a scale from 1 to 10, wrath would score 30.
When one goes into "wrath mode" one loses are logical or rational thinking and wants only annihilate whatever the cause of the wrath in the most painful and excruciating way possible.

Some trained minds get into an artificial wrath mode called the Berserkergang. these two states are very indentical except that wrath is generally not purposly sought after but happens on it's own .

When the entity responsible for the wrath get's in range of the "wrathee" he will be absolutely terrified.
To be at wrath is a state of absolutism, all or nothing thinking.

The wrathee is completly devoid of their former selfs and will likely keep destroying and killing until either "it" is dead, or everything around it. (somewhat equivilent to Primeape)
The soldier fought with honor on the battlefield, but their opponents did not.

-Enemy soldier stabbed your friend in the back without honor-
- you get into wrath mode and obiterate anything around, regardless of the consequences.-
by Darth Fureon January 16, 2006

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Ticked off. An intermediate stage between being annoyed and being pissed off.

When you are annoyed, you generally try to calm down, but if you get ticked off, it clearly seems more "enjoyable" to use violence, wich leads to being pissed off.
I rode my bicycle through the streets at high speed, when all of the sudden a slowpoke obstructed my passage. (sceams) Now I'm ticked off!1
by Darth Fureon January 11, 2006

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A face that's crying from happyness.
Sailor Moon managed to 'defeat' Helenia
I'm touched ,^_^,
by Darth Fureon May 27, 2006

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A kiss (smooch) a hug and a cuddle thrown into one word,
ooh! Mi amor! *schmuggles*
by Darth Fureon March 31, 2006

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It exists!?

An uttering said after one types an apparent inexistant internet site and are surprised to see it does exist.
I'm bored, let's just type a random word in between www and com.

(5 seconds later) It exists!?
by Darth Fureon January 13, 2006

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Fire Spirit

To have a fiery and enrgetic personality.
Very competitive and hyper.
Likes to train fire pokemon.
Likes the color red and if enraged is very dangerous.
Many Fire Spirited people like people with red hair *points at Will vandom*
I got the Fire Spirit!!
by Darth Fureon January 17, 2006

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