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A small insect that attaches it's self to other living creatures and sucks their blood thus gaining the name pest. Ticks must be removed from the body or it will cause serious damage to the host such as blood loss. If ticks are found on animals it is best to get them to the vet asap.
Jessie a 9 week old puppy masstif was coverd in more then 1,000 ticks and if she wasn't found when she was she would of died of blood loss.
by Finnerty November 22, 2009

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An alaskan type of breed the Alaskan malamute was originaly bred for pulling sledges just like the Sibearian Huski wich the Malamute is some times confused with due to their similarities.

An Alaskan Malaute has thick fur and unlike the Huskie it has brown eyes.
"That Sibearian Huskie is so cute"

"Yer except that isn't a Huskie, its a Alaskan Malamute"
by Finnerty January 17, 2010

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The biggest of wild cat including the lion these beautiful animals can come in Orange with black stripes, white and black stripes (these are very valuable ad rare) and a sort a maple colour with black stripes. They are usual found in Korea but can be found in other countries national parks. One park called Zion wildlife parks has at least three white Tigers.
Dude my nan when to africa ad saw some lions, next she wants to go to Korea and look for Tigers.
by Finnerty October 10, 2009

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This usualy happens when a girl has had a very bad day and some thing just pushes her over the edge. Then she goes and does some thing totaly nasty, uncalled for and bitchy to some one who didn't deserve it. These sitations should be avioded at all times.
"Dude the other night i accidently broke this girls handbag and she started to go all read and was giving me the evils"

"So here friend was all like get out of here she going to have a bitch fit"

"I just stopped ad ran"
by Finnerty November 27, 2009

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A breed of dog that is capable of reaching up too 45 mph. Used in the racing industry and for hare coarsing. Second most abused breed next to the pitbull. Also Greyhounds are very lazy.
"Dude my Greyhound just shot offf after some rabbits"
by Finnerty September 08, 2009

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A japanese breed of dog. The Akita inu is actualy slightly different from the American Akita. They are a big breed of dog that are loyal to their owners. However due to their intellegance they need some thing to do other wise they can become destructive if bored. They can be good with children and playful. However they can be protective so a firm hand is needed. These dogs are very strong so they are not for those without a strong will and a strong uper body strength.

There average life span is 10yrs. These dogs have a 32% chance of dieing of cancer.
"I really want an Akita inu they are soo beautiful"

"Aren't they American, no sorry their Japanese"

"Yer Japanese they are also very strong"
by Finnerty October 25, 2009

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A sight hound with long, smooth hair. Thses dogs are very beautiful and although some people believe them to be stupid they are very intellegant. Some times they are compared to cats
Beautiful Afghan hound.
by Finnerty September 10, 2009

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