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1) A cock that is wide as a beer can regardless of length; beer can thick dick.

2) Abbreviation for the unit of measurement, 1 Thibaudeau (approx. width and weight of a beer can).
Girl 1: I heard that guy has a thick-ass Tyson Brat...

Girl 2: I was with him last night... he has a tibby!!! :D
by Weowa September 08, 2010
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referred to as a small car who the owner beleives is a ferrari
"check out my tibby dude!"
by fdklghsbvd February 17, 2010
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stands for "Trendy Indian Bitch."
An Indian girl who is very trendy and very snobby.
Damn, Priti wears Prada to bed and make up to the gym; she's gone super tibby.
by A tibby March 10, 2005
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when a woman has back fat, large enough to resemble a pair of tits created by the strap of a bra.
I was in accounting class yesterday, and couldn't stop staring at my teacher's tibbies.
by sexyaudit69 March 30, 2011
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Affectionate nickname for second Roman Emperor after Augustus, Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus.

Did you finish reading those chapters on Tibby, yet?

Tibby reminds me a bit of Professor Snape.
by Skayda December 23, 2006
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tibb•y (tib′i), n., pl. tibb•ies
A short form for Terabyte - a scale to measure digital data capacities.
A Terabyte equals 1024 Gigabyte or 10^12 bytes (a trillion bytes).
The term tibby is fancy slang to express the unit symbol, TB.
Josh: I just bought a 2 tibby drive from Best Buy!!! Store more pr0n!
Josh: Andy? You hear me? Hey! 2 tibbies!

(Andy is busy skimming his 12 tibby NAS full of porn and other torrented "linux iso"s - for the next 234 years. In HD. Power of tibbies!)
by Glassed Silver February 07, 2012
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