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Corperate press release masquerading as journalism, usually found on the internet. May include such media as 'articles' or viral videos etc.
A: 'Hey, there's an article on Yahoo about the McRib being brought back. First time since 1994, it says.'

B: 'Jesus, dude, you're such a sucker! Don't you get it? It's just an ad, pretending to be journalism! That's a classic journo-tisement, right there.'

A: 'My God! You're right. Those bastards!'
by stark_source November 3, 2010
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The act of watching TV, especially without using one's mental faculties in any way. Vegging out in front of the TV.
"God damn, I've had a rough day. I reckon there's some serious bloobing in order tonight."
by stark_source February 4, 2010
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Common used punctuation mark denoting a variety of possible meanings, ranging from an exclamation of delight, and statement of profound confusion, or a question posed in a frustrated or angry manner. Can even be used as an ending to all ordinary statements of no particular consequence. And all this with a post-modern!?! lack of regard for the correct use of punctuation.
"It's the weekend!?!"

"I know I drank too much when I've ended up in Australian again!?!"

"What the Hell is going on!?!"

"I'm eating toast!?!"
by stark_source June 14, 2012
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Also known as "Pulp Journo". Can be abbreviated to "Pourno".

A post-modern literary genre, involving sub-standard, pseudo-journalistic articles, typically found on internet sites such as Yahoo's homepage.

The genre was created when random, non-researched and throw-away lifestyle articles, such as the example below, were posted in the same internet space as serious, often tragic, news stories. Here, the element of sensationalism normally found in pulp literature is often subdued in an attempt to feign scientific validity, though it can often be found in such instances as advising against shagging the milkam, as in the example below.

This uncanny juxtaposition of pseudo-scientific life-style articles and serious journalism led to the coining of the phrase "pulp-journalism" to indicate how these lifestyle articles were infiltrating a space normally reserved for serious writing.
A classic example of pulp-journalism would be Dan Juan's article '10 People you shouldn't ask out' which speak of not shagging the milkman, because you next lover will have to meet him every morning. Article originally posted on Yahoo's Homepage (25 October, 2010).

In one of the first recorded instances of the phrase ever used, a comment below the article, posted by "John" read:

"Wow, this article has just crystallised a new literary genre for me. I shall call it:

Pulp Journalism" (sic)
by stark_source October 25, 2010
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The act of thinking deeply and/or for long periods of time.
Lee watched John as he stared ahead into space, his face tense with thought.

"Wow, some serious thunking going on there, John. What's on your mind?"
by stark_source February 4, 2010
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