A phrase used be Ebert and Ropert to show that they loved a movie.
Damn! that movie must be good, it got two thumbs up from ebert and ropert!
by allllll June 22, 2004
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The so-called "Roman" thumbs down (kill him) or thumbs up (let him live) gesture to gladiators is actually an invention of Hollywood. It is true that there were gestures used in the Colliseum that denoted these meanings, but nobody knows what those gestures actually were - it wasn't recorded.

By the way, Romans also used to nod up for "no", down for "yes". They did not shake their heads for "no". Very confusing!
Morituri te salutant.
by Mark Gibbons September 14, 2004
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An action with the hands that used to be used solely an expression of agreement or acceptance, but when used as an emoji on social media can now also mean "I'm pleased for you, but don't want to carry on the conversation" - a polite version of "whatever" - a way of saying 'whatever' but pretending that you liked what they said.
A:"did you see my photo of the grand canyon. What an amazing place! You should visit it sometime"
A's friend: <thumbs up emoji>
by catnapth April 18, 2016
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Traditionally denotes well wishes though could also imply taking a rest from celting
Thumbs up! Take a break from your cell and let's go for a cuppa coffee if all goes well.
by Hercolena Oliver April 8, 2009
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Something next to my definition that you really oughta click
Click the thumbs up
by floppers16 December 8, 2009
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The gesture used by people on every other myspace photo.
Thumbs Up Drinking Game:

Go on myspace.

Go to any profiles picture albums.

Every time you see a thumbs up picture, drink a shot.

by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 11, 2008
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The act and process of orally giving a "thumbs up" into a womens vagina. This process is mastered by jamming ur thumb UP the va jay jay. It is techincally difficult but just stay calm and act as thow ur thumbing ur neighbor.
"Hey man, Did you give ur girl a thumb up last night?"

"Dude I gave her the best thumb up!!" "It was like i was saying Good Job for that loose Gooooooodddddddd PussaayY!!"

"I thumbed her!!, it was awesome!"

"would u prefer to finger or thumb?"

"im going to give my girlfriend a thumbs up."

"thumbs up"
by odiufseofu December 16, 2007
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