Thumbs up means they are in love with you
Did you see Stephanie do thumbs up to me?
I think she loves me
by Massivehoginurface April 26, 2022
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When you are pleasuring a girl with you fingers and before you are done you put your thumb up her vaginal cavity to give her a thumbs up and finish off the night strong.
Zay: “Broooooo I heard you gave Tes the thumbs up last night!”
Noah: “Hell yeah, I’m pretty sure I lifted her off the bed!”
by The Brekfest Club June 6, 2019
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Due to an irritation caused by the use of the thumbs up emoticon (y) as used in msn messenger, rachenne has resolved to the use of *thumbs up* to facilitate the same meaning, through the use of a few more characters.
"yeah d'merro, napoleon dynamite was hillarious! *thumbs up*"
by <-=ryan=-> March 16, 2005
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What you are about to give this definition
"wow that was an awesome definition, i think it warrants a thumbs up"
by Falze May 5, 2007
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Psychology: A passive defense mechanism, showing a gesture of dishonest approval, satisfaction, or appreciation for something...
"Hi Jack I like your hair it looks great!" Jack responds, "Thanks! (even though he knows it looks like crap) giving her a thumbs up gesture."
by Tobacha February 18, 2017
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