22 definitions by Hugh G. Rection

The Saunch is the removed 4-skin of the males penis.
Derreck Krause ate his own saunch, after he was pumped full of steroids.
by Hugh G. Rection February 27, 2005
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what guys use to get satisfaction.
"Mike, i was with my g/f lastnight and she sucked me off so good!"
"Thats great,rob, remember i was there though?"
"AHH! what he hell where you doing there?"
"I was with your g/f too"
by Hugh G. Rection August 22, 2003
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greatest show of all time. now that season one is over, tuesdays are really going to blow now.
by Hugh G. Rection October 25, 2003
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a moron; a jackass; someone who thinks they know what they are talking about or someone who is pushy, as seen in indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark
Ryan: hey give me the homework, i need to copy it
Andy: katie has it right know, just take it easy and ill get it to you
Ryan: take it from her and give it to me, asshole!
Andy: listen, airmac, why dont you just shut up
by Hugh G. Rection October 28, 2003
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The sorority of Alpha Chi Omega, who used to be hot, but then they got fat. God Damn.
Those bitches in AXO are fucking fat now, they are forever known as Alpha Chi Obesa.
by Hugh G. Rection March 24, 2005
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